The main research area of the Chair for Hardware/Software Co-Design is the systematic/computer aided design (CAD) of embedded Hardware/Software systems.

The group of System-Level Design Automation (SDA) studies the co-design and optimization of (partly) automated mapping of specifications on heterogenous embedded target platforms with the languages SystemC and Simulink.

Architecture and Compiler Design (ACD) studies the co-design of architectures and compiler for massively parallel MPSoC-Architectures. This includes VLSI-Computing arrays and systems with embedded GPUs.

Reconfigurable Computing (RC) examines the potential of FPGAs for realizing dynamically reconfigurable (adaptive) systems as well as the aspects of reliability, security and availability of future nanoelectronic designs.

The working group on Efficient Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization (EAKO) focuses on the research on efficient algorithms for graph problems, local and global search, and single and multi objective optimization methods and their application.