Year: 2021

On 14th December 2021, Bo Qiao defended successfully his PhD thesis "System-Level Optimization and Code Generation for Graphics Processors using a Domain-Specific Language" from China via zoom. Afterwards he was happy to receive his virtual doctoral hat.

On 8th November 2021, Andreas Becher successfully defended his PhD Thesis "Near-Data Query Processing on Heterogeneous FPGA-based Systems" and received his doctoral hat afterwards.

On 18th October 2021, Michael Witterauf successfully defended his PdD thesis "A Compiler for Symbolic Code Generation for Tightly Coupled Processor Arrays". Afterwards he received his doctoral hat from Prof. Teich.

On 15th October 2021, Jonathan Ah Sue defended his PhD thesis "Supervised Learning Grant Prediction for Cellular Mobile Device Power Savings" successfully. Afterwards, he proudly received his doctoral hat from Prof. Teich.

Prof. Teich was glad to announce the official 2021 Test-of-Time Awards and Best Paper Awards of  CASES 2021, CODES+ISSS 2021, and EMSOFT 2021 during the Monday and Tuesday  plenary sessions, see