04.03.2016: Research stay and lecture “Bytespresso, toward embedded domain-specific languages for supercomputing” of Prof. Shigeru Chiba, University of Tokyo

Picture of Prof. Shigeru Chiba

As part of a multi-day research stay at the chair Hardware-Software-Co-Design and due to the cooperation with DFG (German Research Foundation) supporting the project ExaStencils being part of the priority programme 1648 “SPPEXA – Software for ExaScale Computing”, Prof. Shigeru Chiba gave a lecture presenting his recent studies in the field of domain specific languages of supercomputing.

As complex hardware architecture is widely adopted in high-performance computing (HPC), average HPC programmers are faced with serious difficulties in programming in a general-purpose language. Thus domain-specific languages (DSLs) are actively studied for PC as a solution. DSLs are categorised into external DSLs and embedded DSLs. The latter DSLs are easy to develop, but its expressiveness and execution performance are drawbacks. This talk presents two techniques we are developing. The first ones are protean operators, which give DSLs more flexible syntax, and the latter is deep reification, which is a language mechanism for helping DSL developers implement a more efficient DSL. Bytespresso is our prototype system to examine the idea of deep reification in Java. It is a platform of embedded DSLs in which DSL code is offloaded to external hardware for execution after domain-specific translation.