Simulation invasiver Anwendungen und invasiver Architekturen (C02)

In the first funding phase, Project C2 developed both techniques and the framework InvadeSIM for the timed functional simulation of invasive resource-aware programs on heterogeneous tiled architectures. This enabled us to gain important insights into the concepts of invasive computing across different platform layers, i.e., modelling of different heterogeneous tiled architectures, invasion strategies (solving of constraint satisfaction problems by agents), and resource-aware application programming. Based on this foundation, in the second funding phase, the main focus of Project C2 is the systematic co-exploration across all these platform layers. Investigated is the systematic co-exploration of optimal architecture configurations and invasion strategies fitting best a given mix of resource-aware applications. The research includes (a) design space exploration techniques based on (semi-)simulative and probabilistic methods, (b) the classification of invasive applications into parallel computing patterns, and (c) modelling the dynamic behaviour of invasive applications.