Keynote Lecture at the Collegium Alexandrinum: On the 110th Birthday of Alan Turing, 23 June 2022

Rolf Wanka during the presentation
Rolf Wanka during the presentation

On the occasion of the 110th birthday of Alan Turing on 23 June 2022, Prof. Dr. Rolf Wanka from the Department of Computer Science 12 gave at the Collegium Alexandrinum a lecture on Turing’s fundamental scientific contribution to computer science

You can watch the recording of the lecture at this link at

Abstract of the lecture:

Alan Turing is one of the (co-)founders of computer science. His formalization of computation, which led to the universally recognized mathematical model for machine computation now called the Turing machine, is a milestone in the development of computer science as a science that also is based in mathematics. Besides the observation that a computer is “universally programmable”, i.e., that only one built computer is needed for everything that is computable, Turing also already discovered and proved the inherent, insurmountable limit of computability in the form of the so-called “undecidability of the halting problem”. This statement is a fundamental limit for computers of any kind, comparable to the speed of light in physics. In the lecture, the Turing machine was briefly introduced and the undecidability of the halting problem was discussed.

The slides of the lecture can be downloaded here.