Murad Muradi receives two Best Presentation Awards at 6th ICCAR 2020, Singapore

foto of murad muradi
Murad Muradi received the Best Presentation Award for his Paper “Sample-Based Motion Planning for Multi-Robot Systems” (1) in the session Robot Motion and Path Planning at the 6th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics (ICCAR 2020), Singapore, 20-23 April, 2020. He also received a second Best Presentation Award for his Paper “Processing Time Optimization for Robot Applications” (2) in the session Intelligent Robot and Engineering Application.

Abstract (1): We present a methodology for robot path planning and smoothing based on the probabilistic roadmap algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm. Furthermore, a fast and accurate collision detection and a suitable format for the abstract description of robot problems are introduced. The methods are tested on the automotive sealing process by applying them to a practical problem.

Abstract (2): This research work includes the use of heuristic algorithms to automatically generate processing time optimized robot programs for manufacturing processes in the automotive industry. For this, we’ve implemented a genetic algorithm with multi-parent recombination and adjacency-based crossover. A reallocation mutation is also introduced to optimize the load balancing by classifying tasks into common and fixed tasks depending on their location relative to the robots’ workspace. The heuristic is compared to an exact solver by applying it to a test problem. Lastly, the methodology is also applied to a real business problem in the area of vehicle sealing.