06.05.2016: “Control-theoretic approaches to Energy Minimization under Soft Real-Time Constraints”

Bild von Martina Maggio vortragend

Prof. Dr. Martina Maggio, Lund University/Sweden, had this presentation at FAU.



Embedded real-time systems must meet timing constraints while minimizing energy consumption. To this end, many energy optimizations are introduced for specific platforms or specific applications. These solutions are not portable, however, and when the application or the platform change, these solutions must be redesigned. Portable techniques are hard to develop due to the varying tradeoffs experienced with different application/platform configurations. This talk addresses the problem of finding and exploiting general tradeoffs, using control theory and mathematical optimization to achieve energy minimization under soft real-time application constraints. The talk will discuss the general idea behind the use of control theory for optimizing the behavior of computing systems and will delve into details about energy optimization with deadline constraints, presenting results obtained on different architectures – thus considered portable – and with different benchmarks. The use of control theory and system identification enables the exploitation of the mentioned tradeoffs on different architectures.