Cybercrime Research Training Group

This project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the Research Training Group 2475 "Cybercrime and Forensic Computing".
Cybercrime is becoming an ever greater threat in view of the growing societal importance of information technology. At the same time, new opportunities are emerging for law enforcement, such as automated data collection and analysis on the Internet or via surveillance programs. But how do you deal with the fundamental rights of those affected when "forensic informatics" is used? The RTG "Cybercrime and Forensic Informatics" brings together experts in computer science and law to investigate the research field of "prosecution of cybercrime" in a systematic way.
At the Chair of Computer Science 12, aspects of hardware security are investigated. The focus is on researching techniques to extract information and traces from technical devices via side channels. The physical implementation of a system emits further, so-called side-channel information to the environment in addition to the actual processing of input data to output data. Known side channels are, for example, the data-dependent time behavior of an algorithm implementation, as well as power consumption, electromagnetic radiation and temperature development.