Mark Deutel

Mark Deutel, M. Sc.

Department of Computer Science
Chair of Computer Science 12 (Hardware-Software-Co-Design)

Room: Room 02.128
Cauerstr. 11
91058 Erlangen


Curriculum Vitæ

Since 05/2022 Researcher at the Department of Computer Science 12 (Hardware/Software Co-Design)
2019 – 2022 Computer Science M.Sc. at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
2015 – 2019 Computer Science B.Sc. at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Research Projects

  • Currently None

Research Interests

  • Multi-Objective Optimization of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) using Bayesian Optimization
    • Design space exploration of DNN hyper- and compression parameters for optimized deployment on microcontrollers
    • Neural Architecture Search (NAS), scalable and efficient architectures
  • On-Device Continual Learning for Microcontrollers
    • (Class-)Incremental Learning
    • Lifelong Learning
  • TinyML – Machine Learning on the Edge
    • Efficient DNN Inference on (Cortex-M) microcontroller targets
    • DNN Pruning & Quantization
    • Demos and use-cases demonstrating the potential of embedded AI

Demos & Other Resources

Demo of MicroYOLO person detection on a STM32H743VI ARM Cortex-M7 based microcontroller (OpenMV H7 R2)

Demo of On-Device DNN Training (Animal Classification) on a STM32H743VI ARM Cortex-M7 based microcontroller (OpenMV H7 R2)



Open Theses

  • Currently none

Supervised Theses

  • Currently none